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Sport Fishing Costa Rica

Offering an exclusive Boutique sized atmosphere, Hotel Poseidon in Jaco Beach as one of anglers’ most luxurious lodging and dining options in Costa Rica for more than 24 years. Poseidon is located right in hart of Jaco.


South of the world-famous fishing town of Herradura Bay, Also a just one hour from Jaco Beach, is found  Quepos,  is one of the World’s Most Recognized sport fishing locations. Many record Billfish, Marlin, Snook and other species caught in our Have Been local waters.BigFish

Quepos titled Marlin Magazine as one of the best locations in the world for “all around action.”
The offshore reefs host the MOST MOST popular choice for anglers, Billfish, and They are rarely disappointed from the month of December and as late as Continuing through April. Fishing is generally good year round, so do not Feel That These Are the only months worth the trouble.

A typical full day of fishing Often Consists of releasing several Sailfish and Marlin Often or two, although Often anglers release more than a dozen Sailfish in one day. Throughout The year you can count on a steady Also assortment of Dolphin, Giant Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, snapper, Roosterfish, A variety of Snapper, Grouper, Both Blue and Rainbow Runners, Snook, Jacks, Mackerel and many other species. Boasting more than 70 current IGFA World-record fish from Costa Rican waters, Including 17 all-tackle records, your ultimate fishing vacation is waiting for you at Makanda by the Sea!
For more detailed fishing information, see our dedicated section on Sport Fishing. For the Ultimate Fishing Vacation Package.

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