Canyoning Rappel Jaco Beach

Canyoning in Jaco, Costa Rica! Rappel into the cascades?

It’s 6:30 am and it’s time to start the day. It was nice and sunny and I think (hope) that the weather will be good for most of the day. Normally, I would be ready for rowing or running down the mountain, but today I go further into the mountains to go Waterfall Rappeling and Canyoning. I’m excited about today’s adventure combines two lines canopy, 6 or 7 lines of descent

Costa Rica Rappeling
Costa Rica Rappeling

and a Tarzan swing. As I said, there is a 120 foot Rappell the last part of the waterfall!

Although it has never done before rappelling, I’ve always liked the idea. You know the scene in the movies where the guy rappells black on the side of the skyscraper is removed after the robbery. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! No, not the theft / robbery! Part of going over the edge and descending 10 feett at once. Press and release, press and release. I wonder if it will be as nice as it looks. Just thinking about the adventure that awaits you feel like a kid again! Pura Vida!


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