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Costa Rica Fshing from Jaco Beach

Set your line without compromising the ecosystem, and the experience of the last catch and release fishing trip surrounded by the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Jaco  Beach offers everything you need to set your sights on the horizon and the hook in the water. Our offers provided by the North Pacific charters are run by sailors and fishermen experienced in the area, ensuring an adventure of life, if you’re trolling for marlin, swordfish, tuna, or mackerel. And as a pioneer in the preservation of fishing, you can be sure that this unique ecosystem and the fish inside are protected for years to come.

The types of fish you can catch

Although he had throughout the year, from May to August is the peak season. The population of the boat starts to disappear in September, with the slower months are October and November.

Marling Fishing
Marlin are caught every year in mid-November to early March is the best month. The figures are slightly lower than in April to early June, and then recover, gaining strength in August and September.

Yellowfin tuna Fishing

The first months of the tuna catch are in August and October. The yellowfin and big eye tuna are often far from the islands of Santa Catalina – only about 30 minutes from the beach – while schools in the 12 – and 200 – crushers are generally more abundant outside. The concentrations of 40 – to 60 pounds are often caught tuna, and a number of 200 to 400 pound-litters per year.

More commonly known as dolphin, these colorful gamesters are most abundant from late May to October. At that time, the rains flood the rivers and carry debris, forming lines near the trash coast. Gold as below them. Elf if beyond a piece of wood, it is likely that a connection.

The first signs of wahoo begin when the rains begin in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around rocky points and islands, but sometimes it can take a fishing boat.

Even if they are available all year, and crows are caught in the Gulf of Papagayo, from November to March. This is because nearby boats on the coast during the windy months. “Roosters”, as the structure of the coast and the islands, which are in 50-60 feet of water.

Escape to the intimate Jaco Beach  Hotels like no other. This exotic destination combines the tranquility of a tropical pristine paradise, a wide range of leisure activities, and a rich and colorful culture. Book your holiday in Costa Rica online today for special rates.

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Fishing From Jaco Beach

If you have never fished in Costa Rica and made the trip to Costa Rica, then you should come and try. Much to offer a tropical “fishing paradise” is supposed to be and Jaco Beach FIshing Costa Ricamore. Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing is at the west end to the south of Costa Rica, where development has not invaded everything and where the jungle is still in its original natural state. Our region, the Osa Peninsula, in many resource-rich areas that are full of marine fisheries, and have not yet been exploited by hordes of inexperienced anglers can be somewhat hostile to natural balance areas Fishing in Costa Rica.

There is an abundance of sport fishing in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, which is good news and we are here as Captain Brian and practice of southern Costa Rica sport fishing catch and release if possible. Captain Brian always work…

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