Sport Massage

What is sports massage?

It is the manual physical medium that treats the athlete to improve performance and prevent injuries.

The sports massage consists of a series of maneuvers that carry out as a method of preparation for the tissues, as for the treatment of post-competition tissues and for the control of the tissues between each sport activity.

The aim of the sports massage is:

  • Optimize muscle performance
  • Prevent injury
  • Find injuries
  • Support in the treatment of injuries
  • Fight fatigue
  • Increase work capacity

This specific type of massage works by activating the circulation of fluids, accelerating the elimination of waste, toxins and other waste materials, as well as increasing the oxygenation of the muscle.

The moment in which the massage is carried out to the athlete is very important since it favors the concentration, the introspection and the emotionality of the athlete for the competition. read about Relaxing Massage

The athlete requires that his body is at its maximum to choose to win in a sport, sports massage, it is at this point of great utility to achieve apart from the therapeutic effect, the contribution of confidence and safety that every athlete needs to win a test. But for this, the massage should be performed by a professional in the science of Physical Therapy.




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Pull over if a police officer signals you to do so. Please check on our driving safety guide for more tips on driving through Costa Rica so you enjoy your trip worries free. Many tourists use Costa Rica auto rentals, so the cars used in Costa Rica are familiar with roads and weather.

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Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

You can catch Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, yellowfin tuna and wahoo to 20 minutes from the marina. Or if you want to do some inshore fishing, we offer Gallo, jacks, snappers and groupers. These blue water conditions at their best in typically flat calm waters, 82 degrees and sun

Fishing Costa Rica Experts

Fishing Costa Rica Jaco  and Manuel Antonio Quepos

Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos Costa Rica is a small region of the Pacific Fishing Costa Rica Expertscoast, which offers one of the most exotic in the world of fishing. In fact, fishing is a popular sport in the world.

City near Quepos and Manuel Antonio fishing are some of the sports most visited attractions of Costa Rica. These places are mostly famous as the best places for sailboats peaceful liberation. They provide the adventure of the year to enjoy the sea, many species of marine life, and the best fishing in the tropical waters.

Many fishing companies are located in the charming seaside town of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. These companies offer various types of fishing packages, including sea and Fishing Jaco Beachcoastline. You can rent boats for a half day, three quarters, and all day, with multi-day trips. sport fishing are available…

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Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Costa Rica fishing is booming tourist season comes to an end. That said – sport fishing in Costa Rica is almost a year round event. The only number one area for sport fishing in Costa Rica is famous Los Suenos Resort & Marina. 220 The marina is located 3 kilometers north of the picturesque surfing town of Jaco. Here you can combine the best tours, nature reserves and fishing within 20 minutes’ drive from the Pacific coast.

Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Costa Rica is recognized as one of the best fishing destinations in the world, with 95 world records from within Costa Rica and coastal waters. With two coasts to choose from, few places in the world are as varied water and abundant marine life. Costa Rica believes in the preservation of fisheries resources Visit Website lo learn more “and encourages all fish and edible fish being released. Costa Rica sport fishing is good throughout the year and the best fishing season is based on that you will travel.

Northern Caribbean is known for its “tarpon and snook, while the Pacific coast is famous for breaking the record for Sailfish, Costa Rica Fishing Experts JacoMarlin, Dorado, Wahoo and tuna. Barra Colorado, on the north coast of the Caribbean is a vast area of wetlands formed in the Rio San Juan and Colorado river flows into the sea nirvana ‘s…

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Costa Rica Fishing Jaco


Costa Rica Fshing from Jaco Beach

Set your line without compromising the ecosystem, and the experience of the last catch and release fishing trip surrounded by the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Jaco  Beach offers everything you need to set your sights on the horizon and the hook in the water. Our offers provided by the North Pacific charters are run by sailors and fishermen experienced in the area, ensuring an adventure of life, if you’re trolling for marlin, swordfish, tuna, or mackerel. And as a pioneer in the preservation of fishing, you can be sure that this unique ecosystem and the fish inside are protected for years to come.

The types of fish you can catch

Although he had throughout the year, from May to August is the peak season. The population of the boat starts to disappear in September, with the slower months are October and November.

Marling Fishing
Marlin are caught every year in mid-November to early March is the best month. The figures are slightly lower than in April to early June, and then recover, gaining strength in August and September.

Yellowfin tuna Fishing

The first months of the tuna catch are in August and October. The yellowfin and big eye tuna are often far from the islands of Santa Catalina – only about 30 minutes from the beach – while schools in the 12 – and 200 – crushers are generally more abundant outside. The concentrations of 40 – to 60 pounds are often caught tuna, and a number of 200 to 400 pound-litters per year.

More commonly known as dolphin, these colorful gamesters are most abundant from late May to October. At that time, the rains flood the rivers and carry debris, forming lines near the trash coast. Gold as below them. Elf if beyond a piece of wood, it is likely that a connection.

The first signs of wahoo begin when the rains begin in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around rocky points and islands, but sometimes it can take a fishing boat.

Even if they are available all year, and crows are caught in the Gulf of Papagayo, from November to March. This is because nearby boats on the coast during the windy months. “Roosters”, as the structure of the coast and the islands, which are in 50-60 feet of water.

Escape to the intimate Jaco Beach  Hotels like no other. This exotic destination combines the tranquility of a tropical pristine paradise, a wide range of leisure activities, and a rich and colorful culture. Book your holiday in Costa Rica online today for special rates.

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Fishing From Jaco Beach

If you have never fished in Costa Rica and made the trip to Costa Rica, then you should come and try. Much to offer a tropical “fishing paradise” is supposed to be and Jaco Beach FIshing Costa Ricamore. Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing is at the west end to the south of Costa Rica, where development has not invaded everything and where the jungle is still in its original natural state. Our region, the Osa Peninsula, in many resource-rich areas that are full of marine fisheries, and have not yet been exploited by hordes of inexperienced anglers can be somewhat hostile to natural balance areas Fishing in Costa Rica.

There is an abundance of sport fishing in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, which is good news and we are here as Captain Brian and practice of southern Costa Rica sport fishing catch and release if possible. Captain Brian always work…

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Surf for all ages

Surf for all ages

Beginners: Learn to sail with our trained and experienced. You will learn the basics of infant selection, standing waves, and turning, and other basic skills. We also emphasize safety and ocean awareness.

The main objective of our surf school is to get our customers and waves. We leave with the confidence and knowledge to get out of here and go on your own.

Surfers Intermediate / Advanced:

Experienced surfers previous browsing sessions are taken on guided surf Playa Jaco / Hermosa area. Let our local guides show you where the best waves so you can get the most out of your surf holidays. We strive to put you in the best day of surf depending on your level of surfing.

Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica – The Best Sportfishing in the World.

Our waters are full of Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Snook, Cuberra Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado/Mahi-Mahi, Bonita, Rooster Fish and Pago Snapper.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing More than 40 fishing world records have been registered along the central and southern portions of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. With offshore waters that boast fish weighing between 4 and 400 pounds – including sailfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, snapper and more – it’s little surprise that the fishing here is so good.

Costa Rica has an incredible geographic beauty, and wildlife diversity and an engaging, friendly populace are just a few of the ingredients that have made this a favorite vacation destination for so many. The Guanacaste province, in northwestern Costa Rica, is host to a vast spectrum of scenery: volcanoes, beaches, plains, mountains, cloud forests, mangrove estuaries and dry tropical forests, including over half a dozen national parks.

Quepos fishing .

Quepos, Costa Rica has long held an international reputation as one of the hottest spots in the world for big game fishing. Quepos is a small city situated on the central Pacific coast.

Los suenos Costa Rica Fishing .

With its 200-slip international marina, spectacular view properties, private beach club, challenging 18-hole eco-golf course, four-star Marriott hotel and 600-acre rainforest reserve, Los Sueños is truly Costa Rica ‘s premier destination resort community and a top class sportfishing area.

Guanacaste Tamarindo fishing .

Tamarindo the most popular city for beach in the North Pacific and the second in development. Has an air strip.The beach itself is a long, wide swath of white sand that curves gently from one rocky headland to another.

Because of it’s great accessibility, wide variety of services and accommodations, great restaurants and prime location on the northwest Pacific coast, Tamarindo has become one of the most popular places to visit in Costa Rica.

Tamarindo enjoys extremely close access to deep bluewater fishing, and is a pivotal jumping off point for fishing broad regions of the coastal waters. Inshore or offshore, you’re in the right place for a super Costa Rica sport fishing experience!

Costa Rica has long been viewed as one the worlds finest fishing destinations. Regardless of whether you’re a sport fisherman or your dream is to catch enormous Tarpon and Snook, Costa Rica fishing is hard to beat when planning a fishing trip.

Costa Rica is an angler’s dream come true.

The country’s Pacific ports and beach resorts provide access to some the best deep sea fishing in the world, while the canals and rivers of the northern Atlantic coast feature world-class snook and tarpon fishing. Billfish are the country’s biggest attractions, with abundant sailfish and marlin off the Pacific coast, but the fishermen also hook plenty of other feisty fighters, such as wahoo and roosterfish. Though deep sea fishing is the country’s forte, there is also has great fresh water fishing in Lake Arenal and the larger rivers in the Northern Zone, where anglers can fight with the small but ornery guapote, a hump-backed fish also known as the rainbow bass. Giant marlin, sailfish beyond number; highjumping tarpon, record closs snook an a dozen or more hard hitting fresh water species.
On the Pacific, it’s common to release a dozen or more sails and even a marlin or two in a single day.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing on the Pacific:  fishing out of either Los Suenos, Quepos, and Tamarindo/Flamingo or the Gulfo Dulce for Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna,   and Wahoo is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

This makes Costa Rica the number one choice for Sport Fishing in the world.

Costa Rica Jaco Tours

Jaco Tours Departs daily ……
… For best destinations!

Hotel Poseidon is an experienced hotel and tour operator offers its customers a variety of natural programs, Costa Rica Vacations Packages and the best Costa Rica Tours,”classic” articles that are available on a daily basis. (No artificial ingredients) with a minimum of 2 passengers, offer trips to Manuel Antonio National Park, Corcovado National Park, canopy tours, White Water Rafting and many other popular destinations and day trips throughout the year. Many destinations can be combined with a variety of exciting excursions!

Most famous tourist destinations in Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs channels Caño de la Rivière Noire. A fundamental part of most trips in protected areas of Costa Rica has become a natural paradise for active transport and adventure including sailing, canoeing, cycling, fishing, sunset cruises and walks in the forest birding and natural hot springs.

Hotel Poseidon in Jaco Beach offers a wide variety of new programs and Hotel Packages, including activities based tourism naturalists seasonal natural events such as nesting sea turtles, migrating whales, Scarlet Macaw recover. These programs are offered and available! Please note: we are constantly in search of interesting destinations and provide our customers with new attractions and sustainable recycling programs that may be important for our customers is also available with flexible departures and new hotel contact our updates!

Travel Sightseer, our commitment! We excel in creating customized travel experiences that generate small visits. There is no formula that works for everyone, so we take the time to listen and adjust each program to be planned well for what you want. We can meet all your needs of accommodation guide, tours and travel from one place to another. With all your travel needs great place to relax and enjoy the wonders of the beautiful tropical Costa Rica!

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