San Jose City


Theater in San Jose
Theater in San Jose

San Jose is located at 1,149 meters above sea level, enjoys an average temperature of 24 C., ideal for short trips by Carmen district, Cathedral, Merced and Hospital, where you can admire the beautiful architecture of several buildings have been declared a national monument of cultural, historical or architectural interest, including: the Post Office Building, National Theatre, the Children’s Museum, the Blue Castle, among others.

This city is characterized by a range of cuisine and accommodation of high standard, which is no shortage of bed & breakfast and popular “sodas” or the small local restaurants and fast food, as well as fashionable bars for nightlife, supplemented with various cinemas and theaters.

The religious festivals and popular celebrations of the city of San Jose in December, are some of the traditional activities that visitors can enjoy.
We have many activities in Costa Rica Souch as Canopy Tours, Sport Fishing, Waterfall tours Adventures, Horseback Riding and many other Attractions in this Country

Now Costa Rica is not immune to the fever and the NFL today, as in other parts of the world, fans will be glued to their televisions, computers and everything you can to see the game. As all fans there is divided between friends in supporting teams, predictions on who will win and reconciliation for those leaving the loser, there will allays people willing to do they betting or Apuestas Deportivas as ticos says.. we hope you enjoy your staying in Costa Rica

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